COLOURS 2 Chopped & Screwed

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Surprise! I chopped it unannounced! Well I had planned on doing it. For whatever reason, it took me forever to really sit and listen to it. There’s a lot of music dropping for the summer currently. It was only due to the harassment of some of my friends as to why this exists. It’s more of a favor than anything.  A productive and rewarding favor nonetheless.  Colours 2 Chopped is a small sample of what’s in store for the Toronto prodigy.  Dude is saying the right things on the right beats for the wimminz. The chops merely intensify the sexual nature of this EP. Four solid songs. I dig em. You should check em out.  I’m hoping these are just some throwaways from what could be from an album that’s getting worked on. Whatever else is in store, I’m here for it. Enjoy!