Coloring Book Chopped & Screwed


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I have to say man…this album is brilliant. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like I could personally connect with an album and I feel like that with Coloring Book. From the christian influence down to getting rolled up in middle school, I could personally identify with who this person that Chance the Rapper represents. He’s another young black man like myself.  It’s actually real interesting how you can share some of the same experiences with a guy that’s younger than you and grew up hundreds of miles north of you.  Nonetheless, this project is beautiful from top to bottom. You have to appreciate how Chance is able to encompass gospel music in a way that makes it not seem secular.  From growing up and being heavily influenced behind Kirk Franklin’s music, I’ve always felt that the compelling nature of gospel music is one that can be enjoyed by the masses if given appropriately.  It almost amazes me how Chance does it so effortlessly.  Recognizing who Chance was on Acid Rap to who he is now, it’s really crazy how you can really understand how tripped up boys was on that hoe.  I really believe this has been the greatest project to drop this year in 2016.  Every song holds it’s own weight while being cohesive to the entire project.  I thoroughly enjoyed chopping this album and I knew it would. There were some beautiful pockets for me to capture and I know it will translate well to the culture of chop & screw music.  So I hope you enjoy Coloring Book Chopped & Screwed as much as enjoyed making it.  I can’t wait for more future projects from Chi-City’s own.