Chris Brown Chopped & Screwed

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Mannnnn hol’ up! Boys had to bring it back on y’all one time for the one time! I actually did this tape because I told my homeboy a long time ago that I was going to and forgot. So he reminded me and I had follow up on that. To be honest, there’s a lot of music/albums from the 2000’s that didn’t get touched after Screw’s passing (this one being an example). I’ve always told myself I was going to go travel back in time sometimes just to chop up a couple of classics for nostalgia purposes. Over time, I will. I really just pride myself in supplying a demand in a timely manner so I always prioritize those albums over more recreational chops such as this Chris Brown Chopped & Screwed.  I’m listening to the people. I’m getting request on a more frequent manner. I’m truly listening. I might not respond to everyone but I’m seeing what you guys are wanting. Sometimes y’all are annoying with it. Overall, I do appreciate the enthusiasm for people to want to hear particular tapes chopped by myself. The experience I’m gaining from just doing this over the past couple years has been compelling to say the least.



Anyway, this is still my most favorite Chris Brown album. I appreciated the pure R&B Chris Brown. I wish he would have continued on that path and been working with writers and producers to help him create some majestic music that he has the full potential to create.  I think a lot of albums now are just pop-filled sexual compilations released for his delusional die-hard girly fan base.  I would love to hear his true feelings on some hard ass R&B beats. What bothers me the most about Chris Brown is how I KNOW he possesses the talent and network to create his version of a “Confessions” album but we’ll probably won’t see it any time soon.  Luckily though, I am aware that people change with time so hopefully Chris Brown in his 30s will have some true feelings to express and want to get into the music the way he originally did when he got started. Until then, I’ll be running back this tape chopped up and enjoying one of the best debut album releases in my lifetime.