Chop 40 (Winter ’17)

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I have finally came up with a concept that will make my “Audi Chop & Screw” playlist obsolete and allow me to chop within the season. What I am going to start doing now is hosting seasonal tapes. One being Chop 40. Another being Sex Chops. and another being Soul Chops. I’ll drop a new one for every season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). I’d had this concept since like June but never truly executed like I’ve finally decided to do. So here we go. This is Chop 40. Now on Chop 40, it’s pretty much a collection of hit songs throughout the season. Songs that bump. Songs that just sound good chopped & screwed. Things of that nature. I’ve been reading the requests. I’m not sleep on them. I hear y’all cries. They will be included on each tape every season on whichever one it best fits.  Trust me…I got you.  I even may throw on a throwback every once in a while to add a little shock value to the tape.  Either way, I hope you guys enjoy it.  Continue to let me know what you want to hear chopped & screwed and I’ll keep adding it to these playlists and releasing them every 3 months or so.