Chixtape 4 Chopped & Screwed

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Here we have another chopped & screwed rendition of the Canadian rapper/artist that stole my name. The Chixtape Series are definitely a nostalgic trip back into the memories of some of our most beloved and heartfelt R&B music being modernized to fit today’s sound and vibes.  With the fourth installment, we really get to see how deep Mr. Lanez can dig within his catalog with flips of popular songs such as “Just a Friend” by Mario or “Grind on Me” by Pretty Ricky.  He even took it as far as to flip the ever-so-popular Proud Family Theme Song and turn it into a romantic entity that no one even knew it could become.  It’s all pretty neat how he goes about doing these tapes.  I like the chops definitely. Nothing better than some good ol’ R&B chops. Nonetheless, enjoy Chixtape 4 Chopped & Screwed as anticipated and be ready for more tapes I have coming. There’s a lot more on the way. I’m all the way behind lol.