Blonde Chopped & Screwed


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We got TWO ALBUMS from Frank in one calendar year. How wonderful is that? I must say,  I was pretty excited about the production on Endless but I reaaaally love the emotional expression that’s given off from this tape. There are a lot of relatable topics that Frank touches on within this album that I didn’t really comprehend until I screwed down the tape. I really enjoy it Blonde Chopped & Screwed because it just intensifies what’s already there and it’s a little unorthodox from what you would ideally think about chopped & screwed music. It’s really my goal to break those stigmas of what chopped & screwed is supposed to sound like.  I think DJ Screw was more onto the idea of the sound being something that could be taken in universally throughout all genres of music instead of the popularized hip-hop/R&B remixes of chopped & screwed music that we generally love. For example, here you have Frank Ocean who creates music that you can’t define by genre and it still has the capability of being chopped & screwed. The sound is undeniable. That’s why I feel it’s so important to continue the culture of chopped & screwed music because essentially it’s something for everyone to enjoy if we’re all exposed to it in music of our liking. Nonetheless, with a beautiful album comes beautiful chops. I hope you guys enjoy this tape as much as I enjoyed making it.