Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight Chopped & Screwed


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(Sorry for dropping this with no excerpt yesterday. I had an epic ass Labor Day BBQ to attend to)

Maaaaaaaane hol’ up! I must say…out of all of the releases for this year, this is my favorite. Travis Scott came with the energy for this album. I mean what can you say about this album that’s bad? The features are COLD! Boys got Andre, Kendrick, The Weeknd, 21 Savage and Cassie’s sexy ass voice just to name a few. The production is cold all the way through. I haven’t been so turnt listening to an entire album like this in a while. I think what’s awesome about Travis Scott is that he embodies that Houston energy so well and can exert it appropriately towards people.  I just really enjoy everybody about this album from front to back.  BITTSM Chopped & Screwed is literally perfect. I love how it feels. I love how it darkens an already dark sound to give it a grittiness and smoothness that can’t be heard in any other fashion. Man, I’m just really proud of myself for being able to handle this overload of music in the months of August and September.  Lots of quality has been dropping and being able to stay consistent and cognizant of it all is a task in itself (while mixing in life in that as well).  Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight Chopped & Screwed should be able to be enjoyed throughout the rest of life.  This is definitely one of my top chops of 2016.  Plenty more to go!