Beach House 3 Chopped & Screwed

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Ty Dolla $ign is a modern day GOAT of R&B. I’m just going to call it how I hear it.  Every song he hops on is pleasantries. You are actually here on this page simply because you already know of the fire that has been produced behind the creation of this project.  I definitely enjoy the Beach House Series. It’s how I got introduced to Ty as an artist.  His production is so nostalgic of 90’s R&B that you have no choice but to enjoy and appreciate it.  You even hear remnants of some classics with his flips of 112’s “Only You” and Zapp & Roger’s “Computer Love”.  He’s just cold at what he does, man. That’s all that needs to be said.  If you somehow have some hatred towards Ty Dolla as an artist, you need to go get ya spirit checked. You’re clearly bothered internally.  From features to singles to albums, he’s literally undefeated.  It’s time to really identify Ty as one of the greats of our current generation.