Barter 6 Chopped & Screwed

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Ok so this is kinda weird. I finally had a night to where I could be productive in the field of chop & screw and I FINALLY got time to finish this tape.  This album and me actually have a bit of history.  I know this isn’t a fairly new album and I had my own personal reasons as to why I didn’t chop it…in which I will explain right now.



Walk with me…



Back to around the time where Birdman and Lil Wayne were first starting to fall off. Before we know that they didn’t own all them cars. What Lil Wayne was for me in the years of 2007-2010 were unfathomable. He was music. He went platinum in a week off the love of the people.  I enjoyed Wayne just like any normal human being was at the peak of his career.  It was deeply offensive to me when I seen Birdman replacing Lil Wayne with Young Thug. I didn’t want any part of it. I was not happy with that shit…at all.  Plus the nigga was kinda fruity on a lot of his songs and that had me like “oh hell nah!” So I was like…no…I’m not chopping shit. Fuck him. How dare you name your album Barter 6. That’s rude. We don’t want no damn Barter 6. We want Tha Carter 5. So I became a genuine hater. I broke a cardinal sin. I always tell myself not to be bias when it comes to chopping music and listening to albums. So I stayed in sins for some months…only to come to my senses and emotionally mature enough to finally come to this conclusion that I would actually chop this. So here we are…ON THE SAME DAY THAT HE DROPS EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS…WITH THE BARTER 6 CHOP! HOL’ ON BABY! That’s fate right there. So yeah…here you guys go. Sorry it took so long. That’s on me. I said I was gonna finish a while back and yeah. Sorry. Lazy nigga sometimes. Enjoy!