Bart Pimpson 3


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We’re keeping the tradition going out here in Houston with Bart Pimpson 3. My nigga Chantz Alexander has linked up with me again to make this tape possible and these tapes just keep getting better and better.  I’m not even gonna lie, it was hell trying to put this tape together. Not because of the difficult of making this tape but the difficulty of life that happens to go on out here in Houston.  It’s probably not just Houston but I mean it’s a struggle to be a young DJ with entrepreneurial goals and shit like that and maintain a sustainable lifestyle while trying to chase a dream.  Life just hits you a lot but I made a commitment to getting this done and I did it.  Sometimes, this shit is just hard. Not because we can’t do what we would like…there are just a multitude of obstacles you need to be able to endure in the process of creation and making music.  I know this wasn’t an easy road for me to take as a DJ but I mean…it wouldn’t be worth doing if it wasn’t. I can admit that I never envisioned this life for me but what God has ordained for me is exactly what that is.  So I’m taking everything in stride and productivity.  I really just went on that little rant because I really didn’t have much to say about the tape outside of the fact that it goes hard.  Regardless of anything, I’m going to do my damndest to keep the screw culture as alive as I possibly can and do it with my city.  I love Houston (even though the weather has been ass lately) and somebody needs to love this city back because we’re in desperate need of some. So jam this hoe and continue to watch what comes out of the city. I’m bout to go have some drinks because I’ve earned the right. RIP DJ Screw. We still love you.