Awaken My Love Chopped & Screwed


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When the FUNK hits the FAN! I believe that this album from Donald was definitely a curveball that nobody truly seen coming. I figured after hearing Bruno’s album that there would be more funkified albums dropping but never did I expect it to be so sudden.  One thing I am beginning to enjoy with Childish is that he can be a chameleon of an artist and really play with sounds however he chooses. I think that’s more of the wave of future artists now-a-days. To not be limited to one genre and to just create music that you’re inspired to create.  I think Donald Glover is becoming one of those multi-faceted artists like a Jamie Foxx of our time and it’s neat to witness. From his sitcoms to acting to music, he can really do it all with a high caliber of talent. That’s admirable.  I recognized something unique in him when I heard Because the Internet and ever since then I’ve been a huge advocate for anything Donald Glover.  I remember one time I seen him create a beat live and then freestyle over it so eloquently that I was like “niggas are really sleep on this dude.” Nonetheless, the chops are here.  Everything about Awaken My Love Chopped & Screwed is about darkening the funk. It was some weird pockets on this hoe to find but I made the best of what I could with it.  I like the challenge of trying new sounds with the chopped & screwed treatment.  When it works, it works really well and I can never complain about that. So please enjoy this tape as much as I enjoyed making it and have a groovy ass day, jack!