I would first like to apologize for the neglect I’ve been giving towards my site. My life is truly overwhelming at the point to where I need to delegate different aspects of it to other people in order to produce at the magnitude that I’d like to achieve. I’ve let a lot of mixes sit dormant over time when I could be releasing them so I’m getting to it. So let’s start here with Audi2K. This is a collection of a vast number of music created from 2000-2009. I actually have a sequel to this tape sitting in my vault that I’ll be releasing on a later date. What inspired this release is the Y2Kiki party that will be going down this weekend for my homegirl Kiki’s birthday. We did a party like this a couple years back and decided to bring it back to life due to high demand. So as a result, I wanted to incorporate releasing a mix to help compliment the theme. So I figured why not pull this out the vault to get it rocking. So enjoy this mix and be ready for more to come. Hopefully in a more arranged and purposeful manner.