Anticipation 3 Chopped & Screwed

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As we continue the trend of chops, we have arrived at Trey Songz’s Anticipation 3 Chopped & Screwed. I really enjoyed the tonality of this tape. It seems now as if Trey can’t get out of his playa ways but still would like to experience genuine emotions from a woman. That’s understandable seeing that he’s trapped himself in this hoe life and a human.  I could only imagine the type of reality he must live and how he manages it while retaining some level of love in his life.  How do you love a renowned hoe? That’s something for women to think about. Anyway, the chops make the tape more sensual in a sense. Something you can enjoy sexually if that’s what you choose to do.  It’s a really good tape. You know how I know? It’s because I chopped it. Heh.