All Summer SexTeen


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So one of my closest friends has been on my ass about making a new sex playlist due to the fact that he’s been wearing out The Climax for God knows how long.  The thing about The Climax is that I really can’t recreate another one. There aren’t a lot of deeply sensual sexual songs anymore that give you that dark aura of sex that you like to feel. I literally went digging for those type of songs for The Climax and was able to create such a masterpiece.  Although I wish I didn’t use my tag on it so much, I figured I’d take a shot at helping creating another playlist that did the bedroom (or whichever desired area) justice.  So here is All Summer SexTeen.

I went kinda lengthy on the playlist because I want it to last as long as you possibly can.  This is more of an endurance tape so if you can’t make it all the way through, no biggie. That’s a good thing. Kinda. For me moreso than you.  I wanted an ambiance of music to help keep it all in the same place the entire time. You know? The music on here is more modernized with a couple of throwbacks to help out.  It’s really summery feeling in a sense so it’s perfect for those who are in savage mode this summer. You can play it as an innocent mixtape that will eventually pop off into more than what you expected.  That’s how The Climax worked and that’s how this tape should work as well.  So keep it strapped or make sure your pull out game is undefeated as you pop in this mixtape.