About Time Chopped & Screwed

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I thought I was really in love with Alina Baraz ever since Urban Flora dropped. I was convinced it was genuine and pure. Nobody could take my eyes off of my queen Alina. Then Sabrina’s fine ass snuck in the game with a very wholesome and serene sound that could melt the heart of any man. This woman is indeed a woman in every way. I watched her perform on the Late Late Show and I was mesmerized by her seductive and gentle nature.  It was earlier this year that she was touching my radar with her single “confidently lost”. After I found a catalog of music, I was just stunned and excited to find such a healthy collection of tunes.  She’s definitely someone I will be paying attention to moving forward.  I had to chop this album off the love.  It was one of those projects that I just knew off the bat I would chop once I heard it. Now it exists.  So hopefully you guys will learn to love her as much as I’m beginning to. Enjoy About Time Chopped & Screwed. This can be a naughty tape if you bout that life.