A Seat at the Table Chopped & Screwed


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I was recently featured in these publications for this chop:

The Fader.

Paper Magazine.

Houston Chronicle. 

I don’t think anybody seen Solange coming out with arguably one of the BEST albums that has dropped this year, yet we here we are. Now, let’s be real about  the history of Solange’s music. She’s had a couple tracks here and there but no body of work that we can go back and look at and be like “that’s my shit.” I really feel like this is the career defining album for Solange and I’m so excited and happy that it exists. What’s beautiful about this album is the levels of necessary this album is in the black community. It’s empowering and insightful for anyone who has lacked a perspective of hope and success in their life with the commentary of Sir Percy Miller the First and Queen Tina Knowles.  It was like sitting in the living room of your granny’s house and absorbing all the information they have to share with the future generations.  What’s interesting is that this a very feminine tape but I can still vibe hard with it.  I was talking with a friend about hyper-masculinity in black men and how we avoid certain music and albums because of the woman element that they possess. I think that’s lowkey sad because a lot of quality albums this year that have dropped alone (which include Lemonade, ANTI, Flume, etc.) are all jammers with the influence of women. I think it’s funny cuz I know niggas be listening and singing these songs and knowing them in the privacy of their own lives but then act all hard and ignorant in public.  It’s not emasculating to jam women’s music. I love the contour that Solange stays in.  I love how REAL and GENUINE this album is up and down. I love Tweet and Raphael Saadiq on the background vocals. It’s a beautiful album and I’m grateful for it. I already knew people would want a Seat at the Table Chopped & Screwed so I made it happen sooner than I thought it would. Y’all watch out for the Houstonians on the rise in the music game.