4:44 Chopped & Screwed

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I never thought I needed an album as much as I did this one.  Growing up without an influential father figure and a person who can help guide you in your pursuit of happiness, you tend to listen around for advice as it slips out.  Jay gave (almost) free game to the black culture. This is knowledge I’m super all the single mothered niggas can comprehend and really embody to take themselves to a new level.  A lot of us don’t have superior perspective that a black man can provide to really help guide you through life.  We’re really a lost culture when it comes to having guidance and perspective. A perspective that could help us avoid a lot of adversity that we end up putting ourselves within. Adversities that are unintentional.  Even with Jay Z being one of the most influential and successful rappers of a lifetime, we still managed to experience the human being within that is flawed, honest and exposed.  This is grown up rap.  Big boy talk.  Big brother talk.  Hip-Hop at it’s essence.  The main reason I got so excited to do a 4:44 Chopped tape is mostly to slow it down to really capture everything Jay is talking about.  I went real minimal with the chops because I want listeners to have a chance to take in all the gems Jay was providing.  Hopefully this will be the album that shows more rap artists that they can expose their emotions and thoughts in manly way.  You’re not a bitch because you’re emotional or vulnerable. If anything, you’re a stronger you because you’ve developed a level of emotional maturity that you NEED to have because it’s not healthy to suppress and hold your emotions in.  Like Jay says, “You can’t heal what you don’t reveal.”  That’s some real shit. Take that in and go talk to someone who can help you.  Fix your mental & spiritual state of being, fellas. We all need to at some degree.