24K Magic Chopped & Screwed


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We’d like to welcome Bruno Mars to DJ AudiTory’s Chopped & Screwed album collection. This will be the first time I ever touched a Bruno Mars album. I was never a die-hard Bruno Mars fan, although I would never knock his talents or musicality. He’s just never really been my taste. UNTIL. He dropped this funky ass funk album that funked my world up.  What I really can appreciate about this album is how he reverted back to those elements of 90’s R&B and Pop that we used to love. HEARTFELT PRODUCTION! BABY DON’T LEAVE/COME BACK CONTENT! Music that you have no choice but to feel. This album was needed! The replay value on it remains high always and you can really just jam this hoe with anybody.  After 24K Magic became a huge hit, I knew that Bruno finally figured it out.  The persona he’s created in his music as this groovy lil cocky cat is really vibrant and dope. The ceiling for this man is really gone at this point and now it’s really in his hands to really take off from here and emerge himself as a Top Tier artist in the game. I just can’t wait to see what all he does next as he journeys through his 30s. I wish you all the best of luck Mr. Mars. As for in the south though, we’re gonna be jamming this 24K Magic Chopped & Screwed in the meantime as we wait on the next album.