I know you’re supposed to have this detailed writing about yourself and what you are on here to really sell yourself as a DJ…but I don’t think that’s the appropriate way to introduce myself to the world.  I am simply a human being that loves music and loves Houston.  I’ve been living here my entire life so this is really all I know. It’s only natural that someone from the great city of Houston would dive into doing Chopped & Screwed music within the new generation, correct?  That’s just what I’ve seem to have stumbled into.  It was always a sound I looked forward to listening to.  It’s actually how I got into chopping & screwing songs myself because I’ve always hated searching for C&S songs and it not being available (or being trash when you did find a version).  I truly believe in the sound and what it represents for my city.  It compliments our society’s easy going and slow pace nature of southern culture.  For me, my love for the sound carried over with me through what would be a level of a musical career for me.

From the age of 11, I’ve been collecting .mp3’s (or .wma’s back then) of music due to my natural love for all types of sounds and experiences you get from particular songs.  Joining the band as a saxophonist at 11 as well also opened my experience of music up into an entire new realm.  Not only would I be a listener, I would become a performer.  It wasn’t until I started arranging music for my high school band at 16 that I acknowledged there was some cool things that I could do with it.  That turned into me “DJing” parties with a collection of CDs to becoming a drum major to going to school for music theory to me actually becoming a real DJ in 2010.

So now we are here and the experience is what it’s becoming.  I don’t know where it is I am headed exactly but I know it involves me providing sounds to the masses that I enjoy and would want you to enjoy as well.  At this point in my career, I do not feel limited to the capabilities I have within me.  I’m really working towards trying to create the music that is within my heart.  That in itself would be rewarding to me.  DJing will always be a love of mine but I know that there is more in store for me.  So as you browse the website, please take your time and enjoy the musical realm that DJ AudiTory has created.  There will always be more to come.